The science

The journey of our energy

Hydrogen Energy, Renewable Power. This is the tagline of our enterprise, but what does it mean?

In short: Most of the energy we use every day comes from the sun. The sun is made of dense hydrogen gas that collapses under gravitational forces, triggering a nuclear reaction that creates helium and photons of light.

Some of these photons reach Earth and we can capture them with solar panels. Or we can indirectly capture the energy from these photons with wind turbines.  However, solar and wind energy vary over time and location, so we need to store it for later use.

We can do this by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen through a process called electrolysis. Later, we can combine the hydrogen and oxygen in fuel cells to produce power and heat when we need it.

The HyER Power Plant is a system that combines a heat pump and a fuel cell to produce heat and power with twice the efficiency of conventional systems. This means we can use fewer resources to create fully sustainable energy systems. Watch the 4 videos (15 minutes total) below to learn more!

1. how it starts: solar energy from hydrogen and gravity

2. harvesting that solar energy

3. Using hydrogen to store that energy

4. making electricity with that hydrogen

5. and finally: powering a heat pump with that electricity