2022, Phase 0: 'startup'

In this phase, the feasibility study, safety study and deep market analysis are performed. Additionally, the first investor round takes place in this period to finance operations in phase 1. Finally, we draw up the cooperative agreement with partners for the prototype-project and draw up the project plan and final system design collectively.

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2023-2024, phase 1: 'prototype'

The prototype of the HyER Power Plant System is developed and installed in this phase. We aim to install the prototype in october 2023, in order to gather data on the system for a full winter season (october-april). After completing the prototype, data will be analysed so that customers can observe the actual performance of the system. In this phase, future clients will be sought for the 4 demonstration projects.

2024-2025, phase 2: 'demonstration'

Four projects will be sold to municipalaties and other owners of service sector buildings to demonstrate performance of the system in environments that represent the targeted market. Data will be gathered to analyze potential shortcomings of the system and ready the product for mass production.

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2026-2030, phase 3: 'to market'

In this phase, we introduce the product to market. Production is scaled up as more products are sold. We aim to sell 5 systems in 2026 and achieve an annual growth in system sales of 50%. This means an annual sales rate of 25 systems and 42 total systems sold by the end of 2030.  

2030-2050, phase 4: 'beyond borders'

In this phase, we scale up operations so we can sell systems beyond the borders of the Netherlands. We aim to serve markets in regions that have comparatively cold winters, including: Northern America, Northern Asia & Europe. 

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